How ViVortis created London-based Goldsmith's website

Case Study

Full Web Design

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To redesign's outdated website with a focus on modern design, improved conversion rates, enhanced SEO, and additional features such as an online payment system (including Klarna), a blog page, social media integration, and faster loading times.

Design & Development

Approach: ViVortis adopted a customer-centric design approach, aiming to resonate with today's generation while maintaining's brand essence. The design was sleek, elegant, and intuitive, reflecting the high-quality craftsmanship of Aurosmith's jewelry.

Key Features:

Responsive Design: Ensuring seamless navigation on various devices.
Visual Appeal: High-quality images and interactive elements to showcase products effectively.
User Experience: Streamlined for ease of browsing and faster decision-making.

Content Creation

Strategy: ViVortis developed SEO-optimized content that narrated Aurosmith's brand story, showcased their craftsmanship, and included targeted keywords to improve organic search visibility.


Blog Page: Regularly updated with industry news, jewelry care tips, and design trends, enhancing engagement and SEO.
Product Descriptions: Detailed, appealing, and SEO-friendly.

Technical Overview

SEO Optimization: Comprehensive keyword research and implementation, along with on-page SEO tactics for better organic reach.

Technical Enhancements:

Faster Loading Times: Optimized images and streamlined code for quick page loads.
New Payment Methods: Integration of Klarna for flexible payment options, improving customer convenience and conversion rates.
Social Media Integration: Seamless linking to social platforms for increased engagement and traffic.

Delivery & Results

Process: The web design project was delivered through ViVortis's live-edit session service, enabling Aurosmith to participate actively in the design process. This approach ensured that creating the final website accurately reflected the client's vision and business needs.


Increased Conversion Rates: The streamlined purchase process and new payment options led to a significant uplift in sales.
Enhanced SEO Performance: Improved organic search rankings due to optimized content and technical adjustments.
Positive User Feedback: The modern, user-friendly design and faster website performance received acclaim from both new and returning customers.

Future Outlook: now stands as a testament to ViVortis's ability to blend aesthetic appeal with functional design, setting a benchmark in the jewelry e-commerce sector. The ongoing SEO and content strategies ensure that the website continues to attract and engage customers effectively.



Services We Provided:

  • Software Development
  • Web Design
  • WordPress Plugin Installation
  • Payment Integration
  • Training
  • Hosting & Email
  • SSL Security