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Project Overview

Vivortis Web Design recently created a new portfolio website for Christian Plamenov, a video editor based in London. The project was initiated because Christian's old website required a redesign to provide better user experience and showcase his work more effectively.

To start the project, Vivortis Web Design held a consultation with Christian to understand his requirements, design preferences and his target audience. With this information, we proceeded to create a mock-up design that was presented to Christian for review and feedback.

The Problem

After several rounds of revisions, the final design was approved and the development process began. Vivortis Web Design used WordPress to create the website, incorporating custom coding to add features and functionality unique to Christian's requirements.

One of the unique features added was the WhatsApp Business Chat plugin, which allowed Christian to communicate directly with potential clients via the website. Aya El Kattani at Vivortis Web Design also designed a new logo for Christian that was both modern and reflective of his brand.

The Solution

ViVortis Designed and Developed an Informative WordPress Website using a colorful design, which is the key-focus when designing an appealing website for the demography they're servicing.

We Designed the website to be user-friendly and visually appealing. Integrated a registration page to allow for online registration and added stock pictures with descriptions.

The Results

The website was developed using responsive design principles, ensuring that it was optimized for various screen sizes and devices. The website was tested extensively for functionality, user experience, and compatibility across various platforms and browsers.

The final product was a modern, professional and easy-to-navigate website that met Christian's requirements, and provided potential clients with a clear and concise representation of his services.

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Christian Plamenov

Services We Provided:

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  • Web Design
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  • Training