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ViVortis CRM is a plugin for WordPress Websites

ViVortis CRM is your comprehensive WordPress CRM Plugin for business expansion. Designed with flexibility at its core, it adapts perfectly to your unique business requirements.

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    Monitor Key Performance Indicators: Secure Every Opportunity

    Positioned at the heart of your business, ViVortis CRM is the beacon that guides your lead management. Seamlessly track new leads the moment they enter your website created by ViVortis. Effortlessly oversee your sales pipeline and instantly view your revenue summary. With ViVortis CRM, staying ahead in business is not just a goal – it's your new reality.



    Proposals, Billing, and Financial Tracking - Simplified

    Craft and dispatch business proposals directly from within the ViVortis CRM. Streamline your invoicing process and facilitate prompt payments. Effortlessly monitor transactions on a per-contact or company basis. ViVortis CRM is equipped with exceptional built-in tools designed to make your financial workflow seamless and efficient.

    ViVortis CRM


    A Panoramic View of Your Business

    ViVortis CRM stands as the centerpiece of your dynamic business operations. Effortlessly track every new lead from the moment it's captured. Masterfully manage your sales funnel and monitor your revenue streams with our intuitive dashboard. ViVortis provides a unified, simple-to-navigate view of your business's vital metrics, ensuring you're always in the driver's seat of progress.

    We have answers

    Frequently asked CRM questions

    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive and their answers, all gathered in one place.
    How do subscriptions work?

    All of our extensions are sold using a subscription model. The monthly price covers updates and support. Your subscription remains active and automatically renews unless you cancel it.

    Does ViVortis CRM work as an ecommerce CRM?
    Yes. Using WooCommerce, which we integrate with, (it’s really great).
    Is there an API?

    Yes. We have got an API for the core plugin. You enable this via the Extensions Manager.

    How does the menu look like?

    The top menu of the CRM Dashboard is designed to provide quick access to essential features and tools.

    The menu items include:

    • Dashboard: The main landing page provides an overview of key CRM metrics (see below).
    • Contacts: Manage and view details of your client database.
    • Quotes: Create, track, and manage quotes for potential business transactions.
    • Invoices: Generate and handle invoices for completed transactions.
    • Transactions: Monitor and analyze transactional data.
    • Tools: Access additional functionalities and extensions based on activated site extensions.
    How do I log into my ViVortis CRM account?

    You can log into your ViVortis CRM account via your WordPress Dashboard.

    What is your support policy?

    We provide installing support for the CRM and the CRM extensions.

    Is there a Multi-Site License?

    Our bundles and individual extensions are all sold on a single site license.